4 Causes Of An Illuminated Airbag Warning Light

Your airbags are what keep you safe in the event of an accident. If your airbag warning light is on, your vehicle is letting you know that something is wrong with your airbag system. It is essential to get this issue diagnosed right away so your vehicle can be repaired and you can drive around knowing you are safe.

Cause #1: Crash Sensors Were Triggered

If you get into a little fender bender, such as bumping the rear end of someone else's car while going under twenty miles per hour, your crash sensors may have been triggered, but the airbags themselves may not have been triggered. In this case, the crash sensors are going to need to be replaced, even though your airbags didn't deploy.

Cause #2: Airbag Battery Backup Issue

Your vehicle has a small battery that is used to operate the airbags. This battery is usually located under the front fender and can be damaged in a front-end accident. Luckily, most vehicles have a battery backup that will keep your airbags charged. If the backup battery also fails, the airbag light will be illuminated. This can happen when you have an issue with the main battery in your vehicle. In this case, the battery needs to be fixed.

Cause #3: Clock Spring Worn-out

There is a lot of stuff hidden inside of your steering wheel. Instead of most modern steering wheels are components that control your airbags, cruise control, and even your stereo. All these components are powered using a clock spring. A clock spring is a particular type of electrical cord. It is designed to turn your steering wheel all that you want while the electrical connection is preserved for all the components inside your steering wheel.

If the clock spring is worn-out, the other components inside your steering wheel will not work either. You will not be able to honk the horn, use the cruise control, or use the audio controls if you have them on your steering wheel.

Cause #4: Wet Airbag Module

If your vehicle has recently experienced water damage, the airbag module may be wet. It could be corroded or shorted out. If your vehicle was caught in a flood, for example, you will want to get the airbag inspected, as the module may need to be replaced.

The above are a few reasons why your airbag warning light may be illuminated. If your airbag warning light is illuminated, you may continue to drive your car; however, if you get into an accident, your airbags may not be there to keep you safe, which is why it is essential to get this issue fixed, right away. 

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