Don’t Get Stranded: How To Choose The Right Roadside Assistance Plan

If you're going to be commuting to work, you need to invest in a roadside assistance plan. A good roadside assistance plan will get help to you quickly in an emergency.  But, you need to make sure you know what you're buying. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right plan. 

Check on Vehicle Coverage

When you're shopping for a roadside assistance plan, you need to check on the vehicle coverage. This is especially important if you own more than one car, or you borrow someone else's car from time-to-time. Some roadside assistance plans only cover the car that's listed on the policy. Unfortunately, that can leave you without the coverage you need. To make sure you have roadside coverage when you need it, choose a policy that covers any car you're driving. 

Understand Towing policy

If you're going to buy a roadside assistance plan, understand the towing policy. There are some roadside emergencies that can be handled on the spot. Some of those emergencies include running out of gas, getting locked out of your car, or getting a flat tire. Other emergencies will require your car to be towed to a repair shop. Some roadside emergency plans will tow your car to a repair shop of your choosing. Other plans may require you to have your car towed to a local dealership. You'll need to understand the policy before an emergency occurs. It's also important to note that your roadside assistance plan will also have a limit on the mileage allowed for towing.

Identify Travel Protection

If you take a lot of road trips, your roadside assistance plan should include generous travel protection coverage. Travel protection coverage can help when car problems interrupt your travel plans. This is especially important when you're stranded far away from home. Travel protection coverage can provide you with extended tow coverage. It can also cover hotel costs when you need emergency lodging while your car gets repaired. 

Get Extra Coverage

If you have teenage drivers, don't forget to add them to your coverage. Roadside coverage will provide you with the peace-of-mind you need while you're teens are on the road. As an added benefit, you won't need to pay out-of-pocket when your teens lock their keys in the car, or run out of gas while they're on a date. The additional coverage is also beneficial when you have adult children who are away at college.