Top Things to Ask When Shopping around for a Trucking Service

Your company might need to use the services of a trucking company for a variety of reasons. You might be looking for a new way to send your products to your vendors and other customers, for example, or you might be looking for a temporary option while you get your company's trucking fleet up and running.

When you are looking for a trucking service, it is wise to call around and ask a lot of questions. These are some of the top things that you will probably want to ask before teaming up with a potential trucking service.

Where Do You Travel To?

Determine where you will need to have your items shipped to, and look for a company that will accommodate your needs. Some trucking companies only handle local loads, while others work regionally. There are many trucking companies out there that will ship items all over the country, and some will even travel into Canada or Mexico. Ask about this so that you can ensure that you choose a trucking company that will get your items where they need to go.

What Are Your Rates?

Costs matter when it comes to having things transported for your company. Therefore, ask about how rates are calculated and what those rates are so that you can choose a trucking company that charges reasonable rates.

What Types of Equipment Do You Have?

Of course, even if a trucking company seems like it will be a good fit for your company and its needs, it will not work out well if it doesn't have the right type of equipment to haul your company's items. Therefore, you should ask ahead of time about the equipment that the company uses. For example, if you run a food processing company, your items might need to be refrigerated when they are shipped and you'll need a company that has refrigerated trucks. If your company is going to be shipping large items, then you may need to choose a company that has flatbed trucks or other vehicles that can be used or hauling big loads.

Luckily, the professionals from many trucking companies are familiar with the different types of trucks and trailers that are out there. Many companies have access to a variety of different trucks and trailers, meaning that you should be able to find a company that has what you need. Contact companies like Apex Transportation to learn more.